Video’s are an incredibly effective selling tool. We leverage video because it provides a great media platform for us to do things a little bit differently with a fun and engaging video that leaves buyers wanting more.

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7 Stamford Ave, Cabarita

A spectacular family home, loved for 27 years and now ready to be passed onto the next generation

114 Elliot St, Balmain

A secluded masterpiece, on the harbour front, this is what Sydney property is all about!

1356 Botany Road, Botany

1/2-4 Sugar House Rd, Canterbury (Part 2)

Simple. Elegant. Stylish.
The property too.

502/85 Harrington Street, The Rocks

1/2-4 Sugar House Rd, Canterbury

The ultimate in elegance, 4 bedroom apartment, complete with a baby grand piano. Stunning!

394 Bourke St, Surry Hills

4/83 Kurraba Road, Kurraba Point

2 Bedroom Apartment Overlooking Sydney’s Hyde Park

How do you sell an apartment that’s not completed yet? Sound on and eyes closed for this one!

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Monthly Updates

June 2021 Monthly Catch Up

This month we’ve given the whole video to a cause that we’re passionate about supporting, Rach from the Lokahi Foundation shares her story and what they do to help victims of Domestic Violence. We also just want to put out a warning of potential triggers for anyone who’s been involved in a DV situation.

On the property front, don’t fear, since it’s midway through the calendar year, we’ll have a whole dedicated video on the last 6 months of the market coming in the next few days!

May 2021 Monthly Catch Up

Hold onto your hats, here we are talking about the thrills and spills of tax time with John from Fortis Accounting Partners – All jokes aside, there’s some excellent insight here though!

April 2021 Monthly Catch Up

A bit different this month, Alex chats to Alan Lau from Velocity Fitness about what to be careful of when we’re heading back to the office!

March 2021 Monthly Catch Up

When do two busy professionals sit down to chat about real estate marketing? 6am of-course! Here’s Alex and Chris.

February 2021 Monthly Catch Up

Alex spoke with Cam from Portershouse again this month, let’s just say things are very different from last time they caught up!

October 2020 Monthly Catch Up

Auctions, love them or hate them they’re part of Sydney property, Chris Scerri from Scerri Auctions gives us some tips for buyers and sellers

September 2020 Monthly Catch Up

There’s definitely money to be made in these markets for the right property, Rob Stevens from Positus chats with Alex to tell us what to look for!

August 2020 Monthly Catch Up

Michael Henry from Aussie Dulwich Hill answers some burning questions, gives us an insight from the opposite side of the transaction.

July 2020 Monthly Catch Up

It’s the middle of winter, and the middle of a pandemic, so how is the marketing going?

We also sat down with Camilla from Unfolded to continue our series on preparing a home for sale.

June 2020 Monthly Catch Up

How’s the market right now? Apparently Alex is finding it interesting? Massive thanks to Deb from Vogue and Vine for sitting and chatting about preparing gardens for a sale, It’s always great working with her, our clients love her consultations to get clear about what they need, if you want to experience the magic, get in touch at

May 2020 Monthly Catch Up

“We definitely think there’s going to be some great buying opportunities. So, does that mean you wait for the buying opportunities to be there or wait until the 2021 new year? No you don’t. You start looking now.” – as said by our friend, James Beresford from Beresfords Financial Planning.

April 2020 Monthly Catch Up

It’s an interesting time in the world right now, something our generations haven’t experienced before. For our April Monthly catch up, we chat with Cameron from Porter’s House buyers agency to discuss what the market looks like after a full month of shutdown, and what the future could bring.

March 2020 Monthly Catch Up

As the world is still learning and adapting to this pandemic, it’s difficult to report on how the market will react. But we’re ready, and with the long weekend coming up, here’s Greg from Lifestyle BM to give us some pointers on home renos. 


Ticker Interview

Ticker Jumpstart, hosted by Benjamin Norris and Alana McLean, promises to challenge the status quo of breakfast television. The show is proudly focused on entrepreneurs and young professionals, delivering the news they need to see (with a sprinkle of star power), and bold opinions they might not want to hear! Is there a better place for Alex to be interviewed?


Welcome to a new era of Real Estate – where we utilise the power of the latest Marketing approaches to get you excellent results. Want to know more? Keep scrolling!

Introducing Alex Lumsden

Alex Lumsden founded Lumsden Agency. As a visionary Real Estate Selling Strategist, Alex’s mission is to transform the property journey for each and every one of his clients.

Introducing Christopher Melotti

With over ten years of Content Marketing and Copywriting experience in the Real Estate space, Christopher knows how to inspire your audiences and paint vivid images through words that connect with buyers on both an emotional and practical level. 

Introducing Daniella Stein

Daniella’s passion is photography, the kind of photography that draws you in and tells your story honestly, beautifully and artisically.

It’s Daniellas goal to produce note only beautiful property photos, but also stunning works of art capturing the character and life lived in your property.

Introducing Jack Hibbert

Jack is our videographer and a Sydney Creative in every sense of the phrase. You can see it in his clothes, his home, and most certainly his work, and now he shares his thoughts on property marketing with us!


Interview with Paul from Blanket Patrol

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a roof over their heads. While we consider ourselves really lucky to be able to help people buy and sell their homes, we’re also super proud to be involved with guys like Blanket Patrol, who help people that sleep rough on the streets. Thanks to Paul for this moving interview about what it’s like to be so involved with helping the homeless.

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