Why is video so important when selling my home?

When it comes to selling a home, nothing is more important than making a fantastic first impression.

Sure, quality photography and staging are key components of that first impression, but consider this: when’s the last time you fell in love with a house just by looking at photos? We all know how much more immersive and engaging video can be, so why wouldn’t you bring that same sense of intimacy to one of the most important transactions a person can make?

Video does a far better job of selling than photos.

When you think of the word “video,” what comes to mind? Movie stars? Television commercials? How about home movies and family videos? Video is everywhere, and it’s an incredibly powerful medium for sharing information about a house. Here are just some of the many reasons why video is so much more effective than still photos:

  • Videos engage viewers more than still images do. A viewer will remember an image after seeing it once or twice, but with video they can rewind and watch again as often as they like! This makes them more memorable in general—and not just as the seller but also for potential buyers who may be viewing the listing online at some point in their search process (or even later on).
  • Videos are immersive experiences that allow viewers to see things from different perspectives than they would if looking at still images alone. This can help potential buyers gain better insight into whether or not they’d like living where those images were taken; plus, it helps them feel like they know what living there would actually be like!

Video allows us to personalise the experience for the buyer.

We can talk directly to them, show them around the house and neighborhood, school, park, or pool. It can also show why the seller loves living there and why they should buy it.

When people watch videos of a home on their phones or computers, they are not just looking at a picture but having an immersive experience.

Show off lifestyle

We always say that we’re showcasing a home but selling a lifestyle. Video makes it easier to show off a home’s lifestyle. Here are just a few ways:

  • Show the benefits of a home’s features. You can use video to showcase anything that’s special about a property, whether it’s a family dinner being prepared in a designer kitchen, or a pool party being held in the perfectly manicured backyard.
  • Show the location. Video is a great way to highlight what makes a neighbourhood so desirable—whether it’s an easy commute, close proximity to parks and schools, or a vibrant night life.
  • Show off the style. A photo may not be able to capture every detail of a room in its entirety, but video can emphasize certain details that are important to buyers, and help potential buyers feel like they’re walking through a room.
  • The number one reason to use video as a tool is that it allows us to speak to the buyer as if we were face to face. Eye contact, tone and inflection can all be communicated, as if we were all standing in the same room.

Video will get a property more exposure

The simple fact is, using video will get a property more exposure and more buyer engagement than just relying on photos.

  • Photos are important, but video is better.
  • Video is more engaging than photos.
  • Video is more personal than photos.
  • Video is more memorable than photos.
  • Video is more immediate than photos.

There are many reasons why video is important in the real estate market today. The biggest one? It helps sell a home faster, and for more money. But even beyond that, it allows us to personalise the experience for buyers, show off what makes a home special. We’ve already covered ways that videos can help the selling process, but when it comes down to it all of them point back to this one fact: using video will get you more exposure and more buyer engagement than just relying on photos, and that’s what our role as property marketers is.