Has COVID shown you it’s time to upgrade your home?

The perfect time to buy in the Sydney Property Market is
just around the corner (if you prepare now).

Help me prepare

Do these self-isolation situations seem familiar?

COVID has made us realise the true sizes of our homes and perhaps what may be missing…

Luckily, the ideal opportunity to buy in Sydney is coming up fast.

Hi, I’m Alex.

If you’re looking for some more space, that pool, a better kitchen, a nicer location or those extra rooms, now’s the time.

The Sydney property market is shifting, and for the people who prepare now, you’ll be able to get your next ‘home of your dreams’ for the best deal in years.

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Interest rates are at record lows (the lowest in 100 years)

Banks are looking to lend more

The Sydney property Market is shifting towards buyers

So, how do you prepare? Simple.

Step 1

While the market is still in favour of The Seller, I’ll help you sell and get the best result for your current home.

Step 2

Debt free and with equity, you can organise your finances to purchase your next home and get the upgrade you deserve *at a large discount.

Just don’t wait. You’ll miss your window of opportunity

Let’s get you ready to buy in an opportune market.

Speak to me today and we’ll get you in the best position. Book a free initial session with me to discuss your options.